Sample WebThumb – more

… and many webthumbs.[medium].png

1. [ wpf-webthumb ]

Atletica Aldo Moro - Paluzza[medium].png

2. {wpf-webthumb showurl=0 showsml=1 label=”Atletica Aldo Moro – Paluzza”}[tiny].png

3. {webthumb size=tiny url= showurl=1 showsml=0}

Gruppo Sportivo Natisone[small].png

4. {webthumb size=small showsml=1 label=”Gruppo Sportivo Natisone”}[big].png

5. {webthumb size=big showurl=0}[medium].png

6. {webthumb size=medium url= showurl=1 showsml=1 title=”Greenvolley Faedis”}

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