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Sample WebThumb – many

The code used is:

<div class="webthumb-gallery-box"><div class="webthumb-gallery">
10.<a class="webthumb-set" title=" " href="">[medium].png


with some css & js:

<style type="text/css">
.webthumb-gallery-overview {clear: both;  display: block !important;  margin-top: 10px;  overflow: hidden;  width: 100%;}
.webthumb-gallery-box {float: left; width: 100px;}
.webthumb-gallery {float: left; margin-right: 5px; text-align: center; width: 90px;}
.webthumb-gallery img {background-color: #FFFFFF; border: 1px solid #A9A9A9; display: block; margin: 4px 0 4px 5px; padding: 4px; position: relative;  max-height:70px;}
.webthumb-gallery img:hover { background-color: #A9A9A9;}
.webthumb-set {}

Sample WebThumb – more

… and many webthumbs.[medium].png

1. [ wpf-webthumb ]

Atletica Aldo Moro - Paluzza[medium].png

2. {wpf-webthumb showurl=0 showsml=1 label=”Atletica Aldo Moro – Paluzza”}[tiny].png

3. {webthumb size=tiny url= showurl=1 showsml=0}

Gruppo Sportivo Natisone[small].png

4. {webthumb size=small showsml=1 label=”Gruppo Sportivo Natisone”}[big].png

5. {webthumb size=big showurl=0}[medium].png

6. {webthumb size=medium url= showurl=1 showsml=1 title=”Greenvolley Faedis”}

Other WP plugin fixed

I fixed some WordPress plugins, sometimes with the help of other developers.
The reason to do this is that these plugins do the job I want but with some limitations of they didn’t work any longer with new WP versions and the author was not available.
For some of these plugins I give here the possibility to download the updated version, because was no longer possible to contact the author and apply the fix in the official WordPress repository, that is always the preferred solution, and will be used if the author wants to contact me.

Plugin in WP site Version Download
WP-Options-Manager 0.09
works with WP3.8.1
added some edit capabilities
‘Popular Plugins’ array has been updated
fixes all warnings, format more compatible with wp standards
Advanced Recent Posts Widget 1.1a mod
fixes thumb.php for multisite networks
WP FEvents Book: similar to wp-simplemeetingconfirmation 0.02 Now available as plugin!!
Create FEvents Book
Simplr Registration Form 2.2.3
italian translation, many __() and _e() added
users_profile_page shortcode added